Electric Toothbrush Kit

$ 79

White Brush Heads + Refill Plan

$ 18 for a 3-pack ($6/head)
Our bristles are designed with Dupont Tynex nylon, the industry's highest quality bristle materials. These extra soft bristles are effective in fighting plaque, yet gentle on the gum line.
What is the Brüush Refill Plan? Avoid store trips, as 3 brush heads are automatically shipped to your door every 6 months. Cancel anytime. Learn more
Color: White
Gift It (Excludes Refill Plan)
Designed with dentists, built with sonic technology, the 99% recommended Brüush electric toothbrush removes plaque and stains easily, whitening your teeth from day one.
What is the Brüush Refill Plan? Avoid store trips, as 3 brush heads are automatically shipped to your door every 6 months. Cancel anytime. Learn more

Gift It (Excludes Refill Plan)

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Spoil yourself with a superior clean

Sonic technology self-care
31,000 brush strokes per minute attack plaque 100x more vigorously than a manual toothbrush’s measly 300 brush strokes per minute. It’s clinically proven to reduce plaque by 20% versus a manual brush giving you healthier gums and whiter teeth.
“Unbelievable difference. My gums aren’t irritated like they were afterscrubbing with a manual toothbrush.”
Haley S.

No more daily charging required

4-week battery life
Our rechargeable lithium-ion battery is built to last an industry-leading 4 weeks on one charge. It comes with a USB charger that allows you to power up anytime, anywhere.
“Amazing battery life. I travelled through Europe for 3 weeks on asingle charge.”
Adam R.

Customized brushing for all mouths

6 unique cleaning modes
The Brüush is equipped with 6 settings tailored to all oral health care needs. For example, daily mode provides a thorough clean, teeth whitening mode makes your smile bright and tongue mode scrubs away bad breath.
“I really like all the different cleaningmodes. The gentle mode is my favouriteand my teeth and gums feel clean andfresh afterwards.”
Alicia A.

Avoid bleeding gums

Extra soft bristles
Our bristles are made with top-of-the-line extra soft Dupont Tynex nylon to effectively hit hard to reach places yet remain gentle on the gum line.
“I love how soft the bristles are. The black option is great! I can use my activated charcoal without worrying about stains.”
Sarah S.


Compact magnetic case
Hit the road in style with the trim and stylish travel case. It’s easy to pack and easy to clean.
“I am in love with my Brüush! The best part - I travel often for work and the case allowsme to never leave my house without it.”
Tatiana C.

A perfect smile in 2 minutes

Built-in timer and quad-pacer
Dental professionals recommend brushing your teeth for 2 minutes to get a thorough clean, so we built in a smart timer to help you keep track.
“The two-minute timer on the Bruush made me realize how little time I was spending brushing my teeth with my old (non-electric) toothbrush.”
Robert B.

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