Love your smile?

Share your best kept secret for a brighter smile and the ultimate form of self-care with your friends and you can earn cash (yup, cash). 


How does it work?

1. Share your unique referral link

Share your unique referral link with a friend via text, email, or social media.  

2. Your friend gets 15% off their first Brüush

As if your friend needed anymore convincing—when they shop with your unique referral link, they'll receive 15% off their first order.

3. Get $10 cash (yup, cash)

Once your friend makes their first purchase using your referral link or code, you'll be rewarded with $10 cash. There's no limit to how many friends you can refer!


How do I see my Referral Rewards?

Head to your referral portal. Once you log in with the email account associated with your account, you can view and track your rewards from this portal. Click here to learn more.

My friend made a purchase using my unique link + code. Why haven't I received my Referral Reward yet?

There is a window of time that we spend verifying your friend's purchase. Once your friend's purchase has been verified, we'll make sure you're rewarded. For more potential reasons, click here to learn more.

How will I be paid?

Referral Candy (our referral program) handles all payments via PayPal to the email you've used for your account. Don't have an account? Referral Candy will send you an email to create a PayPal account to collect your rewards.

My friend copied and pasted the Friend coupon code for their purchase and didn't shop with my unique link. Will I still be rewarded?

Yes. Don't worry, we use both the unique coupon codes and referral link associated with your account to track purchases.

I have more questions.

Reach out to us at and we'll do our best to provide some more assistance via email.