Two things that make you smile? The Acquired Taste Podcast (every single day), and your soon-to-be new Brüush toothbrush.

Why? Acquired Taste - goes without saying. As for us, our brush features industry leading sonicare technology, specialized gentle bristles, multiple cleaning modes, and an extra-large brush head, so you'll get dentist-level-cleaning at home, every single day.

Not to mention - your Brüush is super modern & sleek, comes with a free travel case (retail value of $15 USD) and three brush heads.

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Your all-in-one solution to Your Subpar Manual Toothbrush

6 unique cleaning modes

So you’re able to tailor your brushing to your unique needs - have gentle gums? Choose ‘gentle’ mode. Want your breath & tongue to feel fresh? Choose ‘tongue’.

Up to 42,000 brush strokes per min

Versus the 500 strokes/minute you get with a manual toothbrush. Hello white teeth!

4 week battery life

Means you don’t have to worry about lugging your charger around. Throw your kit in your work bag or your carry-on!

FREE travel kit included

($15 USD value) The only brand at this price that adds in your travel case for free!

3 brush heads included in your first purchase today!
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The most cost effective solution to rising prices of goods? Our subscription model.

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No gas? No problem.

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“Brüush is like Michael Jordan and my old toothbrush is like Isaiah Thomas”

It's time to make the upgrade. Join the Brüush family today.