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Enjoy quality, convenience and style with a premium electric toothbrush subscription.

Your toothbrush is a cesspool of hundreds of strains of evil bacteria waiting to infect you and your children. Did you know that one single bacteria cells explodes into 8 million cells in less than 24 hours?
This sounds like some horror story straight out of Black Mirror, but it’s not. In fact, a study by the University of Southern Florida found that 70% of toothbrushes became heavily contaminated with pathogenic microorganisms and viruses such as Staphylococcus, e.coli and the herpes simplex virus after over use. 

How Do You Avoid This Terror? 

“Replace your brush every three to four months, or when the bristles get splayed and frayed,” says Judith A. Jones, DDS, MPH, DScD, Professor and Chair, Department of General Dentistry Director, Boston University School of Dental Medicine, “Replacement gets rid of germs and makes sure you are using effective brushes.” 

But here’s the thing...

It’s utterly annoying to do that! You have to get dressed, do your hair, put on shoes, drive to the store, stand in the aisle trying to decide between the countless choices. Oh the humanity! 

What if it was easier? 
What if there was a way to eliminate this annoyance, while simultaneously eliminating those pesky microbes and keeping your pearly whites both pearly and white? 

Well now there is.  

Introducing, the future of e-toothbrushes, Brüush. 

Combining the sleekness of a feline and the precision of German engineering, Brüush is the first and only subscription electric toothbrush of its kind.

We’re talking: 

  • Sonic technology used only by the top brands with over 31,000 brush strokes per minute (vs a measly 300 with your manual)
  • The longest lasting rechargeable battery on the market (lasting 4 weeks)

  • Dentist recommended extra soft Dupont Tynex nylon bristles

  • A 2-minute timer that prompts you when your brushing is complete

  • 6 cleaning modes for every type of brusher, including a massage option for your tongue

  • A subscription service that sends you replacement heads when you need them 

And the best part, for EVERY purchase made we donate a toothpaste and flouride to a person in need through our partnership with A Reason To Smile (ARTS). Now if that doesn't give you a reason to smile... 

But is your electric toothbrush any good?? 

Well, we’re glad you asked. Of course, we think it’s amazing. But don’t just take our word for it, see what our customers say about Brüush: 

Here’s the thing, our first run was a huge success and they’re selling out quickly. So if you want to get in before we have to stop shipping orders, we suggest you do it today.

With our 90 day no questions asked money-back guarantee, you literally have nothing to lose. You are basically trying the Brüush for free, for 3 months. Don’t see improvements in your dental health? Return it. We’ll give you your money back. Easy. Peasy.  

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“My old electric toothbrush might as well be a witches broom. This thing is tech! Looks great in the washroom as well.”


“Excellent product! leaves my mouth and teeth feeling extremely clean, fresh and happy!” 


"I had another electric toothbrush but I really like that you guys offered it in colors. Plus the subscription service will remind to change out the heads and a trip to the store."


“I FEEL LIKE I HAVE A TEAM OF TINY HUMANS CLEANING MY TEETH! My old toothbrush? Pff already forgot about it.”