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1Clinically Proven Plaque Defense

You only get 300 brush strokes per minute with a manual toothbrush. Making those hard to reach areas even harder to clean. Brüush increases your brushing (and cleaning) power 200x to 42,000 brush strokes per minute!

300 brush strokes / minute
42000 brush strokes / minute

2Dentist Level Deep Cleaning

Guarantee your deepest cleans ever with our 2-minute timer, with automatic quad pacing. Every 30 seconds your Brüush will let you know when it's time to switch your brushing area for a deep, even, and complete clean each time.


2 min

timer with automatic quad pacing

3On-The-Go Flexibility

Brüush lasts up to a full month on a single charge! That, paired with our sleek charging case makes it easy to clean deep from any corner of the globe.
Did someone say vacation?

4Power Cleaning for All Gum Types

Each Brüush comes with 6 cleaning modes for every type of brüusher. Featuring unique settings like Daily, Gentle, White, and Tongue to help you target specific areas and concerns as efficiently as possible.

×6 cleaning modes

5Uncompromising, Year Round

Never compromise on a pearly white smile and früush breath with our Refill Plan. Picture this, brush heads sent to your doorstep, every 6 months without you having to lift a single finger. Free shipping and no duties, always.