Should You Brush Before Or After Breakfast

Should You Brush Before Or After Breakfast

To Brush Before Or After? That Is The Question 

Brushing your teeth after eating breakfast seems fairly intuitive. Let’s say your morning routine includes sitting down to freshly squeezed orange juice, a piece of toast and grapefruit slices. Afterwards, you’d likely head to the bathroom to get ready for work, inspect your mouth for food residue and brush your teeth. What most people don’t know is that food containing citric acid - like oranges and grapefruits - can actually weaken the enamel on your teeth, causing decay and discoloration. Thus brushing too soon after acid exposure jeopardizes the health of your tooth enamel pretty significantly.

But do not despair! Breakfast can and will be saved. Eating nutrient-dense food does not have to come at the expense of your teeth. While many fruits and veggies are highly acidic, drinking water can help flush things out of the mouth or, if you have time, simply wait 30 minutes before brushing your teeth. Alternatively, smoothies are a clever (and delicious) way to integrate the ingredients you love, while breaking down and diluting acidic content with gentler, calcium rich ingredients such as yogurt and milk.


Brushing Before Breakfast Has Its Benefits

Eating a well-rounded breakfast is as important as starting your day with a clean mouth. Bacteria is busy growing overnight (the cause behind morning breath) and needs to be expelled first thing when you wake up before any lingering sugars are converted into acid. We know it’s not the prettiest visual in the world, but it’s the truth: while bacteria in your mouth is unavoidable, it’s also easily managed.

 If you don’t have the luxury of waiting 30 minutes until after you eat, a simple fix is to brush your teeth before you chow down. We see it as the best of both worlds; bacteria from the day before is taken care of by fluoride and your enamel is less vulnerable pre-breakfast food. While it may seem slightly less intuitive to brush your teeth before eating, the long term health benefits are certainly worth it.


Mystery Solved: Brushing Your Teeth Before Or After Breakfast

Requiring only a bit of rearranging, your morning routine will more or less stay the same! You’ll still reach for the snooze button and you’ll still spill coffee on your clean shirt. On the plus side, your pearly whites will thank you for the gentler treatment and your body will thank you for keeping it nourished. Brushing twice a day with a sonic powered electric toothbrush can have a transformative impact on your oral health. We hope we’ve inspired you to take it one step further and brush before you eat breakfast to protect the enamel and increase the lifespan of that beautiful smile!