Tristan is an adventure athlete, motivational speaker, adventure filmmaker, TV personality, founder + producer at RevivedMedia and the founder of Revived Outdoors, an outdoor adventure company that innovates domestic travel through various adventure retreats across 7 states including Hawaii + Alaska for aspiring outdoor enthusiasts.

Based in Los Angeles, California Tristan has been recognized for his consistent drive to lead people into the outdoors lifestyle making numerous appearances on national television and being published across several platforms such as Spectrum news and Forbes.

To-date, he has guided thousands into the outdoors and continues to spread his movement for mental health awareness through his various efforts in the outdoor community.

Do you have any quick tips for someone trying to see as much as possible on a more realistic budget?

Great question. Let me digest it. “Realistic Budget” to me, is translated to “I don't wanna spend a dollar”. I’m right there with you! It is also the top question I get. Let me say this… I spent more on a night at Top Golf with my girlfriend on Valentine’s Day than I did on my entire 3 week road-trip to Alaska…

Now let’s make this fun:

Tip 1: Plan. If you want to save money. Plan the trip out.

Tip 2: Disregard Tip 1. You wouldn't be on an adventure if you didn't break off the plan and get off the beaten path.

Tip 3: In your planning on “Tip1” , listen to “Tip 2”. Get off the beaten path.
Stay away from the tourist traps. When you get off that path, you will come across communities in need of the money you do spend, but you will also see things that don’t require you to spend a single dollar.
Example: Instead of spending $50+ on a wildlife park pass… Go camp deeper in the mountain (of course clean up after yourself). Keep an eye out, depending on where you camp, you will see something!

Tip 4: Follow along Tip 3. Camp. You don’t need a fancy hotel, a van, or an epic off road rig. You can literally buy a $40 foam mattress at Walmart and sleep in the back of your car with a can of beans and a protein shake to get the same exact experience. Just be sure to bring your Brüush for the morning!

Tip 5: Keep it simple. All I need is a quick stop at the grocery store, a sleeping bag, and some hiking boots with my plaid jacket. I’m simple. I guess that’s why I'm able to save so much when I travel!

White BRUUSH Electric Toothbrush in Nature

You can only post shots of you looking at the camera or looking away. You’re stuck with that choice for the rest of your life, what do you go with?

Okay this is a fun one! I know you want an easy answer.. BUT if we’re talking action shots, looking away is my answer. So I can focus on the adventure. There is a saying I like to tell my team: “One is for the reel, the other is for the meal”. So if we’re talking about working with brand, that usually requires you to hold some uncomfortable pose - so 100% I’d rather interact with the camera operator over and stare right at that camera!

Self-care can be tough while you’re living on the road and travelling, what do you do to help keep yourself looking and feeling great?

Being on a trip itself is self-care. But that goes away very quickly when you don't feel fresh.
There are 3 essential items I bring with me on every single trip: (1) A sports squirt bottle, (2) some eucalyptus & aloe infused face wipes, and (3) my new Brüush - and I’m not just saying that. My Brüush has changed the game dramatically when it comes to freshness in the AM. Hence why i’m so happy to be here talking to y’all!

White BRUUSH Electric Toothbrush with travel case in Nature

What gives you confidence?

There are many different kinds of confidence. To some it may be appearance, others decision making or even risk taking. I believe that I have found my confidence through first finding what gave me purpose on this planet. Once I found my purpose, I was able to walk forward in my own life in confidence. But you can’t get any of that without first loving yourself. Find love for yourself. Then you will begin to understand your purpose. And from there, you will brew your own self confidence organically!

You do a lot from being the CEO of your own company to seemingly living life to the fullest in your personal time. Any tips for someone trying to balance their professional and personal lives?

Deep down, we all know what we want. We just have a few things in the way. Find your way to move those “things” out of the way.

There’s a million ways I can explain this… But if you can see clearly, you know what those things are. You know how to move them. So quit kidding yourself and make it happen! Yeah, it ain’t going to be easy. If you want to climb a mountain and wake up to a sunrise on a weekend, it’s going to mean finding a way to maybe make a bit more money for that mountaineering gear, rigorous exercise to prep for the climb, and a heck of a lot of discipline to not only push your way to the top, but to not push the snooze button at 6am when you wake up on Monday morning sore as can be! Just remember nothing good ever came easy. Discipline!

What’s somewhere that you haven’t been yet but would go on the drop of a hat if the opportunity presented itself?

A full year in Antarctica. The minute the opportunity presents itself, I’m going. Most people don’t last the winter. I want the full storm!

I’m sure you understand the value of having a solid morning routine. What does yours look like?

My morning routine sets the mood for my entire day. I force myself to have a good morning every morning, no matter where or how I wake up.

My routine:
1: I wake up (this is a whole thing in its own, haha). Time? It’s honestly all over the place… Sometimes it’s 3am and other times it’s 9am. It all depends on what I feel my body needs and where I’m at and need to be on the schedule side of things. But I sure do love to sleep in!! I’m not a morning person. But once I wake up, I suddenly turn into one! I love my mornings once I get past this part.

2: No matter where I am, I make my bed. It’s the first success of my day.

3: Always first Brüush, then shower.

4: Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

5: If i'm not injured, I go for a nice 2-3 mile run. If injured, i go take a deep breath of fresh air and meditate to whatever view or air I have outside for 5 min.

6: After 1 hour has passed, I open my laptop, turn on my phone, and get to work.

The best travel experiences often have an aspect of danger to them. Can you think of any amazing places you’ve been or seen that had a healthy sprinkling of danger?

Well… One time I was white water kayaking through the south fork American River in California (2017), where at the time the water levels were far higher than average from a recent storm. I ended up getting impaled in the arm from a fallen tree and had to hike out 3 miles with a mountain lion watching us. That was a decent sprinkle of danger I'd say!

What are some essentials to have in your washbag?

Brüush, eye drops for allergies, SPF LipBomb, aloe face wipes, charcoal face wipes, and sensitive teeth toothpaste!