Which famous Oscar smile are you?

Sure, people gawk at the wardrobe, hair, and makeup, but what about them shiny chompers?!

Al Pacino

Okay, so maybe you don’t brush your teeth for the same length of The Irishman (209 minutes is way too long for anything, in our opinion) but you’re dead serious about your oral hygiene. Like, mob-serious. Maybe that’s why you’re so great at what you do! Like Pacino, you’re always raising the bar and proving that you only get better with age. 

Bruüsh setting: Daily. You’re reliable, practical, and everyone’s go-to.

 Tom Hanks

Comedy, drama, animated voice. Director, screenwriter, producer. You can do it all, and everyone knows it. Maybe you don’t have a Presidential Medal of Freedom like our pal Tom, but you have a smile that can only be found on the face of a national icon. Everyone loves you, and whether you’re talking to a volleyball or teaching others how to be a good neighbor, we’ll take every chance we can to see those pearly whites. 

Bruüsh setting: Gentle. You’re approachable and, well, gentle. Seriously, have you seen A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood? That soft spoken voice could read us the obituaries for bedtime and still put us to sleep.

 Cynthia Ervo

No one else comes close to the passion that you have. You have a loud voice (Erivo got her start in musical theatre) and would rather die than give up on something close to your heart. Like Harriet, you’re a powerful and natural-born leader, making history along the way and it shows in your smile. 

Bruüsh setting: Max. You get the job done with your sheer strength. We’re talking 31,000 brush strokes a minute kind of strength (that’s over 100 times more than a manual toothbrush).

Leonardo DiCaprio

We’re not saying you have a type, but you have a type. Usually younger, usually blonde, and usually a model is Leo’s. We won’t ask about yours, but we can bet that you’re just as charming, suave and oozing with talent. Maybe you’re even constantly compared to someone *ahem, Brad* but you can hold your own and there’s no way you’ll be washed up like Rick Dalton. 

Bruüsh setting: Tongue. Because, well, if brushing your teeth could be sexy, this would be why. Often overlooked but critical for performance, kind of like his Oscar history…

Park So-Dam

*Spoiler alert!* 

You’re new to the scene (Park only made her film debut in 2013!) but you’re comin’ in hot. Whether you’re comedically conniving like her character in Parasite or a straight up sweetheart, you’ve got depth and always leave a lasting impression. We just hope you don’t end up dead like poor Ki-Jung. 

Bruüsh setting: White. You’re a dazzling show stopper, always ready to impress. 

The Oscars are airing live on Feb 9 at 5PM PST. No matter which celeb your smile is like, make sure it’s sparkling with the help of Bruüsh.