Double the Action on Valentine’s Day

5 Reasons to Spread The Love - With Early Access!

Hey BFF (Bruüsh Friend Forever), we’re so happy that you’re here and want you to share that fuzzy feeling. If you’re reading this, it means that you get early access to our exclusive deal: buy one Bruüsh, get one half off! Double up on the action - who could say no? 

Whether it’s for your significant other, nomadic friend, smiling barista, or anyone else in your life, we want everyone to stay fruüsh with a Bruüsh. Shop now.

Or need more convincing? Fine, read on.

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Communication is the hallmark of any good relationship, which is why we never ask a middle man to do our work. We sell directly to you which means the money you save on retail mark ups allows you to splurge on your significant other (or yourself, we won’t tell).


The incredible 30-day battery life is the kind of commitment we can get behind. One wireless charge and you’re good to go for the next month. It’s our favorite low-maintenance relationship!

African Children

It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Every time that replacement heads are purchased, we provide a toothbrush, toothpaste and fluoride treatment to someone in need through our wonderful partnership with A Reason To Smile. ARTS is a non-profit organization that delivers education and comprehensive clinical care to African communities with little to no access to dental care so you and your plus one can brush in peace knowing that your oral hygiene is benefitting beyond the realms of your own pearly whites. Shop

Shopping Bags

So you’re not sure if you’re ready to be tied down, we get it. Lucky for you, we offer free shipping and returns on all purchases, plus a 90-day return policy. Think of it like a no-strings-attached way to test out a relationship before you’re ready to introduce them to the family. 


Listening Ears

Take a moment, and listen to all of the reviews that are pouring in! Hundreds of people are Bruüshing their way to the top of oral health. Check out the things people are saying about the Bruüsh on our home page. They might be onto something...

At this point, we’re convinced that you’re convinced. Shop now and use the code LuvBogo at check out to get half off a Bruüsh with the purchase of another.

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